Our brand is built on the principles of fine white shirts for women. Designed and made in England.

These values take hold and inhabit the very identity of our brand, they help shape our attitudes and inclinations within the design studio and help us to craft a beautiful yet quiet message for an over stimulated world.


"We explore planes and depths of white; texture and shade; quality, strength and layers."

"Our cuts have not been adjusted for women. They were always intended for women."

The very root of our creative process is to push the idea of what a white shirt can be, mean and function as.

We started purely; with a line of seven white shirts. Reduced and driven by detail, this defined the in-grid language. The white shirt is our seed. This simplest of starting points then allowed us to begin subverting the white shirt, adding layers of complexity, colour, texture and volume. We now walk the line between the complex and serene rooted in traditional construction with otherworldly results.

"We design and make in England to celebrate the skills that exist here."

Our commitment to manufacturing within these islands has seen us create lasting relationships with the remaining crafts-men and women within these shores.

By keeping our proximity to our suppliers to its minimum we are able to closely monitor the well-being of the individuals making our garments. We believe all designers and brands alike have a responsibility to produce the best garments with as little unnecessary damage to the planet as possible.