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Manny Khoshbin Net Worth 2022, Early Life, Personal Life, Career & Achievements

How much is Manny Khoshbin Net Worth 2022?

$80 million

Full Name Manuchehr “Manny” Khoshbin
Birth Date 14 January 1971
Source of income Real Estate, Social Media Influencer.
Birth Place Iran
Father's Name Unknown
Mother's Name Unknown
Occupation Real Estate, Social Media Influencer.
Nationality Iranian
Marital Status Married
Wife's name Leyla Milani
Zodiac Capricorn
Net Worth $80 million

Manny Khoshbin is a well-known real estate agent from the United States. From the year 1992 till now, he has been involved in the real estate industry. More than 2,000,000 square feet of land and property in the United States has been sold by him throughout the course of his professional career.

Possibly you are familiar with Manny Khoshbin's name and accomplishments; nevertheless, how well do you know about him? For example, how old is him, exactly? What is his height and weight, as well as what is Manny Khoshbin net worth as of 2022?

In another scenario, Manny Khoshbin may be a complete stranger to you; fortunately for you, we have compiled all of the information you need to know about Manny Khoshbin's biography-wiki, his personal life, his current net worth as of 2022, his age, height, weight, career, professional life, and other facts. So, if you're ready to go, here's what we can tell you.

Early Life and Biography

Manny Khoshbin was born on the 14th of January 1971 in the Iranian capital of Tehran. He was raised in Iran until he was 14 years old, at which point he and his family moved to the United States of America.

Manny had three more brothers, and he had a difficult upbringing because his family had no things when they arrived in the United States from their native country. Afterwards, he went on to West Miner High School, where he received his diploma in 1989. Manny began working when he was sixteen years old, as a result of the financial difficulties that his family was experiencing.

It was at the K-Mart corporation that he got his first job. He worked as a labor clerk, and he was in charge of collecting and cleaning the shopping carts at the supermarket.

Manny established his own business during his senior year of high school, when he was just 18 years old, when he was 18. He would purchase nuts and dried fruits, repackage them, and then sell them on the open market.

Personal life: body measurements, Affairs, Several girlfriends, Wife, and Children!

Manny Khoshbin, who was born on 14 January 1971, is 51 years old as of today. Despite the fact that he is 1.75 m tall, he weighs around 82 kg.

Manny is married to Leyla Milan, who is a well-known actress, model, entrepreneur, and television personality. They have two children.

She has made guest appearances on television series such as 'Deal or No Deal' and the 'Oprah Winfrey Show. Following their marriage, the couple has been blessed with two children, son Enzo Pasha and daughter Priscilla.

Manny is well-known for his passion for automobiles, and he has even been in the 'Hitters Magazine,' which features many exotic automobiles. He appeared in the 2013 edition of the magazine.

'Manny Koshbin Contrarian Playbook' is the title of a book authored by him. Manny and his family live in California, where they enjoy a very comfortable and opulent lifestyle.

Career & achievements

Khoshbin came to the United States with his family in 1984 when he was 14 years old. He obtained his real estate license in 1992 and went on to develop a wonderfully successful career in the real estate industry.

His firm has real estate assets in seven states totaling more than 2.5 million square feet. As an entrepreneur, he enjoys a good challenge and has aspirations of building a large organization that spans several different companies.

Manny immigrated to the United States from Iran in 1985, when he was 14 years old. Manny could not communicate in English, did not have any friends, and knew very little about America.

He endured numerous difficulties throughout his early years in the United States, but he determined at a young age that he would not let his obstacles to hold him back in his ambitions.

Manny began selling secondhand things at swap meets on the weekends while still in high school in order to supplement his income. After reaching the legal age of majority, he began looking for work and eventually landed a position as a cart pusher at Kmart in Costa Mesa, California, which earned barely $3.15 per hour.

His life's turning point

Manny realized he wanted more than simply a paycheck, so he began exploring for alternative employment options. He eventually discovered a multi-level marketing company that sold bags of nuts and chocolates door-to-door.

Manny applied for the position and rose through the ranks to become the highest-earning salesperson in the firm within two months of starting.

He came to the realization one day while shopping with his father at Price Club (now Costco) that all of the things he was selling were being offered in bulk at a significantly lower price than what his employer was billing him and thus began the development of his first business.

Manny was just 18 at the time and still in high school, but he rented a tiny office and acquired a whole pallet of nuts and sweets, as well as polyester bags, labels, a scale, and a sealer for his business.

Manny marketed his nuts and candies to car retail and service centers, and he was doing well – until he discovered (after receiving a letter from the health department) that he needed to have a facility licensed for packaging food goods in order to continue doing business.

Manny Khoshbin Real Estate Journey

In 1991, when he was 20 years old, he was approached by one of his father's friends, who happened to be a real estate broker, about buying a Mobile gas station. The news that Manny would be able to acquire the station with only a 10 percent down payment excited him, and so did the possibility.

Manny put all of his funds into becoming a Mobile dealer, completing all of the necessary tests and even earning his Smog License. The lending firm that provided the low-down payment finance, on the other hand, turned out to be a hoax.

The loss of Manny's entire savings account prevented him from completing the purchase of the petrol station. Manny earned his real estate license in 1992 despite the fact that he had no money and no work.

As a loan officer for a mortgage business, he got his foot in the door. With barely six months under his belt, he was on his own, launching his own mortgage and real estate firm, which enabled him to make investments in troubled and bank-owned properties.

More than three decades later, Manny is the President and CEO of The Khoshbin Company, a privately held real estate company with assets throughout the United States of America (USA).

Manny Khoshbin Net Worth & Asset

This well-known tycoon- Manny Khoshbin Net Worth is expected to have $80 million by the year 2022. He has amassed a substantial amount of cash through his real estate company.

His firm has established roots in more than six states in the United States today and is quite profitable. Given his continued involvement in the real estate industry, his net worth is anticipated to increase even higher.


Manny Koshbin started from the ground up and quickly established himself as a leader in the real estate industry. A low beginning set him on the path to success, and he worked his way up the corporate ladder. He is now considered to be one of the world's wealthiest persons.

Manny has a desire of expanding his firm throughout the entire United States. We hope he has a successful career.

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