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Dhar Mann Net Worth 2022, Personal Life, Biography, Career

How much is Dhar Mann Net Worth 2022?

$215 Million

Full Name Dharminder Mann.
Birth Date 29 May 1984.
Source of income YouTuber, Entrepreneur, Businessperson.
Birth Place California, United States
Father's Name Surinder Mann.
Mother's Name Baljit Singh Mann.
Occupation YouTuber, Entrepreneur, Businessperson.
Nationality American.
Marital Status Married
Wife name Laura Avila.
Zodiac Gemini.
Net Worth $215 Million

Who is Dhar Mann?

Dhar Mann is an American entrepreneur, content developer, filmmaker, and social media influencer who resides in Los Angeles, California, USA. In addition to generating inspiring and heartwarming films, he is also recognised for instilling a sense of optimism and hope in the hearts of his viewers.

Dhar Mann is credited with launching a video production firm named Dhar Mann Studios, which is dedicated to producing good content for the public. He creates videos that represent real-world scenarios that offer valuable life lessons.

His videos can be accessed on social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook. His videos have received more than 20 billion views over the course of his career, making him one of the most widely seen content providers on the internet.

Dhar Mann is also credited with the establishment of a cosmetics firm called LiveGlam, where he currently works as the company's chief executive.

Early Life & Career

Dhar Mann's father, Baljit Singh, and mother, Surinder Singh, welcomed him into the world on May 29, 1984, in California, USA. His father and mother are the founders of a cab firm in the United States.

After graduating from high school, Dhar Mann attended the University of California, Davis, where he majored in Economics and Political Science, among other subjects. After earning his bachelor's degree from the University of California, Davis, Dhar Mann began his own real estate property management business.

The next year, he established a premium transportation firm, which began accepting exotic automobiles the following year. He went on to become a successful businessman with three offices and more than 25 employees under him.

Things, however, did not turn out as planned, and by 2014, he was on the verge of going bankrupt.

His cosmetics firm.

Dhar Mann started a cosmetics firm called LiveGlam in 2016, and he has since concentrated exclusively on the company's growth. He and his fiancée Laura Gurrola worked together to grow the firm, and they were successful in having it earn eight-figure yearly income by the end of 2018.

In addition, he created Dhar Mann Studios in 2018, which turned out to be his major break in the industry. Having been influenced by his own personal experiences of failure and achievement, Dhar Mann began making heartwarming movies in an effort to assist people in need.

In addition to gaining followers on social networking sites, he has gained popularity for his films, which try to impart life lessons through entertaining anecdotes. Short films by Dhar Mann, who creates these movies at his studio, are credited with altering the course of people's life with their thought-provoking content.

Social Media Career

A large number of fans on various social media sites, including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, have gathered around Dhar Mann as a result of his short films. On May 10, 2018, he opened a YouTube account with the same name and began uploading his short films to the platform.

Over a period of time, his YouTube videos accumulated millions of views, and he eventually became famous. The majority of his videos, such as 16-Year-Old Girl Gets Stranded, are made for YouTube.

Children make fun of a boy with a stutter and later regret it, a student cheats on a final exam and later regrets it, and a single mother is humiliated by a soccer mom and later regrets it, are all videos that have received millions of views. He currently has more than 10 million followers on his principal YouTube channel and has received more than four billion views, making him one of the most popular YouTubers in the United States at this time.

Besides having a primary YouTube channel with the same name, Dhar Mann also has numerous additional channels, including Dhar and Laura, a collaboration YouTube channel with Laura Gurrola, which he started with Laura. The channel, which features their personal lives, has more than one million followers and is growing.

A new YouTube account dedicated to posting behind-the-scenes footage that are every bit as entertaining as the videos aired on Dhar Mann's principal channel has been set up for him. Subscribers to the Dhar Mann Studios Behind-The-Scenes YouTube channel number more than 650K as of this writing.

His other ventures.

Apart from being a well-known YouTuber, Dhar Mann is also active on other media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, where he has 65k followers, 4 million followers, and 7.5 million fans, respectively.

Dhar Mann also interacts with other well-known social media personalities, such as Alexandra Mary Hirschi, better known by her stage name Supercar Blondie. Dhar Mann has taken advantage of his social media fame to launch his own line of products.

He has an internet store where he sells items such as T-shirts, hoodies, and caps. His product is also available on a variety of online retailers such as Amazon, Redbubble, and TeeChip.com.

Personal Life

During his early thirties, Dhar Mann went through a difficult period. Finding it impossible to deal with a traumatic break-up, he became sad, which eventually had a negative impact on his career life as well as his personal life.

He then set his sights on making positive changes in his life and put in the necessary effort. He began reading, exercising, praying, and meditating as soon as he could.

His confidence was re-established as a result of these activities, and he decided to use his experiences to assist others by creating motivational films, drawing inspiration from his own life.

In 2015, he met Laura Gurrola, a fellow social media personality with whom he began a relationship. He finally fell in love with her and proposed to her in September of the following year.

Ella Rose, their first daughter, was born on May 1, 2020, to the couple. The pair has another daughter, Myla Sky, who was born on June 20, 2021, to their union.

Dhar Mann's wiki, biography, age, and ethnicity.

Dharminder Mann was born on May 29, 1984, in the state of California, United States. As of 2020, he will be 35 years old, with the zodiac sign of Gemini as his zodiac sign.

The difference between her nationality and his ethnicity is that she is an American and he is an Indian. Baljit Singh and Surinder Singh are the parents of this child.

There is no information available regarding his siblings. In 2007, while attending the University of California, he studied political theory and financial elements, which he discussed in his educational background.

Brown eyes are seen in the businessman's eyes. His hair is a dark brown, and he has a beard and he stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall, but his weight is still unknown.

And last but not least, he is quite active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Since April 2009, he has maintained a lively presence on Twitter. On his Instagram and Facebook profiles, he has millions of followers, which is impressive.

Dhar Mann Net Worth & Asset

Dhar Mann is a season entrepreneur who is also one of the most widely seen inspiration content creators on the internet. Dhar Mann Net Worth is believed to have $215 million dollars.

His films on life relationships and business are mostly motivational, encouraging, informative, and uplifting self-improvement videos, with some business-related information thrown in for good measure. He frequently includes his girlfriend Laura G, with whom he has had a variety of activities.

Along with his work on YouTube, Dhar is the founder and owner of a cosmetics firm called LiveGlam, which he grew from a small start-up capital of $600 to a company with annual revenues in excess of $8 million in less than two years.

Dhar Mann Controversy

In 2014, he was sentenced to five years in prison for accepting cash from a city grant that was intended for building renovations. He was required to refund the city of Oakland $44,399 under the terms of the supplication bargain, under which he claimed that he would not fight the city's five crime counts for swindling the city.

In addition, the city of Oakland filed a lawsuit against him in common court, seeking $230,000 in fines and $135,000 in damages. In 2017, he was granted permission to be released from probation early.


Dhar Mann is one of the most famous YouTubers and he does an incredible job at capitalizing on it. Though there are controversies surrounding him but still he is a very talented guy that would help him in driving his net worth up.