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Benzino Net Worth 2022, Career, Dating, Asset, Lifestyle

How much is Benzino Net Worth 2022?

$1 Million

Full Name Raymond Scott
Birth Date 18 July 1965
Source of income Acting and Music labels
Birth Place California, United States
Father's Name Edward DeJesus.
Mother's Name Mary Scott
Occupation American rapper, hip hop media executive and record producer
Nationality American
Marital Status Single
Wife name N/A
Zodiac Cancer
Net Worth & Total Assets $1 Million

Benzino is an American urban media owner, television personality, rapper, and record producer who is best known for his appearances on the VH1 reality television series "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" and the TV One original series "The Next:15." Benzino is also the owner of the Benzino Entertainment Group.

He rose to the position of executive in the business through his work as a record producer (as a member of the production team Hangmen 3) and as co-owner of the magazine The Source. He is also active on Instagram, where he has more than 1.2 million followers under the handle @iambenzino, which he uses to identify himself.

What is he famous for?

He is known as an urban media entrepreneur and celebrity on television, as well as a rapper and record producer. As a result of his battle with Eminem, he has released many diss tunes, including Pull Your Skirt Up and Die Another Day, among others.

Made Men and The Almighty RSO, two rap groups in which he was a founding member. For his role in the television show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, which aired from 2012 to 2014.

What is the Ethnicity of Benzino?

Benzino was given the name Raymond Leon Scott when he was born on the 18th of July, 1965, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. He is of mixed ancestry and nationality because he is the son of a Cape Verdean and German mother and a Puerto Rican and African American father.

He was born in the United States and raised there. He looked up to Edward DeJesus as a father figure, which was especially true during the time that DeJesus was imprisoned by the government. He also has two sisters, Anita Scott-Wilson and Maureen Scott, whom he considers to be his closest friends.

Anita Scott-Wilson studied veterinarian medicine at the Tuskegee Institute for nine years, earning a master's degree in the process. Maureen Scott-Wilson studied medicine to become a medical doctor, while Anita Scott-Wilson studied veterinarian medicine to get a master's degree in the process. In addition to being born under the sign of Cancer, he practices Christianity.

Regarding his educational background, Benzino received his bachelor's degree from Columbia University, where he studied journalism.

How was the Career of Benzino?

Benzino began his career as a rapper, and he has stated that his enjoyment of the film "Wild Style" was one of the key influences for his decision to pursue a career in the genre of rap.

He was also a founding member of the rap groups "the Almighty RSO" and "Made Men," both of which are still active today.

After only a brief amount of time, he went on to work as a solo artist. There are four studio albums by him: The Benzino Project (2001), Redemption (2003), Arch Nemesis (2005), and The Antidote (2007).

Since 2012, he has appeared as a guest star on the reality television show "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta." He is also an actor.

'The Bigger Picture' is the title of his new track, which was posted on YouTube on September 4th, 2020, along with an accompanying music video. Additionally, Benzino is well-known for his involvement in a highly publicized spat with rapper Eminem, which began in 2003 when Benzino referred to him as "2003 Vanilla Ice" in a satirical cartoon.

Since then, the duo has been collaborating on diss tunes about one another, such as Benzino's "Pull Your Skirt Up" and "Die Another Day." With Benzino Presents: Die Another Day: Flawless Victory, Benzino dissed Eminem and his record company while also dissing his music industry peers.

From 2016 to 2018, he has been in the American reality television series "The Next:15," and he has also made appearances in a number of other shows and programs during his career.

Who is Benzino Dating?

Benzino is a single man who has never been married. As of now, he is still single. He is now concentrating on his professional endeavors, and there has been no recent news or speculations of him dating someone. He had a brief contact with Jenna Shea, an adult model from the United States, during the time.

His previous relationship with Karlie Redd, a well-known reality television competitor, ended before the start of the 2014 season. Following that, Benzino began dating Althea Heart, with whom he shortly became engaged in 2014.

Unfortunately, they divorced in December 2015 and have been engaged in public battles for the past several years. After their relationship ended, they featured together on Season 6 of the television show "Marriage Boot Camp," which chronicled their disintegration.

Zino Antonio was born to Benzino and Althea, born on November 22, 2015. In late 2018, the boy was taken from Benzino's care owing to legal issues he was experiencing, and he stated in February 2019 that he had not seen his son for days, if not weeks, at that time. He has a daughter named Brittany, although the identity of their mother is unclear.

Coi Leray is also his daughter, who is a well-known rapper in her own right. His sexual orientation is heterosexual, and he does not identify as homosexual or bisexual. He is thoroughly enjoying his newfound independence.

Benzino Arrest and Jail

A bench warrant was served on him in DeKalb County, Georgia, on June 22, 2019. He was detained and transported to police headquarters for booking, after which he was arrested and incarcerated. He unleashed a racist diatribe against a police officer who was detaining him and who happened to be of Vietnamese heritage. The outburst included a number of racist slurs.

How tall is Benzino?

Benzino is a calm and collected gentleman with a powerful physique structure. He stands at an ideal height of 5 feet 3 inches and weighs a healthy 77 kg. He has dark brown hair and a set of black eyes, and he wears glasses. He frequently bleaches his hair ends to a 'Blonde' color.

He has a strong jawline and arched eyebrows, and he has several tattoos on his body. By engaging in regular exercise, he was able to keep his physique in good condition. His actual bodily dimensions, on the other hand, remain a mystery.

On the 29th of March in 2014, his nephew Gai Scott shot him in the shoulder and back, injuring him severely. The incident took occurred in the town of Duxbury, Massachusetts, at the burial of his mother, who was also there.

What is Benzino Net Worth and Asset?

Multi-talented urban media proprietor, television personality, rapper, and record producer, Benzino Net Worth has estimated of $1 million. Although there is no information available about his salary, there is no doubt in the minds of those who follow him that he is earning an impressive sum of money from his professional endeavors.

His biggest source of riches comes from the entertainment sector, which he founded himself in. The majority of this money is generated by the publication of his CD, with the remainder coming from his appearances on American television shows. He is able to afford a luxurious lifestyle because of his wages.

His endorsements include companies such as Daekshin Jeans and Chemical Baby Clothing, as well as Adidas and a variety of other brands.


Benzino is an extraordinarily talented guy in the music industry. He started with being a rapper and then expanded to become a record producer and hip hop media executive. All of this resulted in his million dollar net worth. He is an extremely focused guy with an uncanny ability to produce heart touching songs. It is expected that he will become more famous and add a few more millions to his net worth.