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Ben Baller Net Worth 2022, Age, Height, Weight, Asset, Bio

How much is Ben Baller Net Worth 2022?

$10 Million

Quick Info

Full Name Ben Baller
Birth Date 27 January 1973
Source of income Acting and Music labels
Birth Place California, United States
Father's Name Unknown
Mother's Name Unknown
Occupation Jeweler, Actor, and Musician
Nationality American
Marital Status Married
Wife name Nicolette Lacson
Zodiac Aquarius
Net Worth $ 10 Million

Who Is Ben Baller?

Ben Yang is an American artist, performer, and jeweller who is also the designer of the jewels. He is also a well-known finance manager who is well-known for his extensive collection of adornments and jewellery.

Ben was born on the 27th of January, 1973, in the state of California. The general public isn't familiar with his family's surname or location. The sources assure us that he has two siblings, David and Jeanne, who are both related to him. Ben will be 49 years old when this article is published. He retains his American identity while while embracing his mixed nationality.

Because he was born in January, his zodiac sign is Aquarius, which suggests that he is adaptable and, more importantly, distinctive in his personality. Almost without a doubt, the object he creates legitimises the features.

At 6 feet, his weight is 85 kilograms, and his height is 6 feet, 6 inches. Ben is more of a health nut who is concerned with being up to date on the latest fashion trends and maintaining a healthy body. As a result, the body measurement reads 42-34-37 inches, which is also consistent. Ben isn't the tallest person on the block, but his shoe size of 11 is enough to raise a few eyes when he walks by.

Ben's appearance is completed by his drab earthy coloured hair, which he prefers to leave unstyled, and his eyes, which are also of a similar tone.

Early Days and Education.

Ben was born and raised in California, where he spent his childhood years with his family and other relatives. His mother worked as a clothing contractual worker, while his father is a history lecturer in a secondary school. The mother took pleasure in his enthusiasm for the field of adornments and he shared it with her. He has taken pleasure in the beautifying substances from the outset.

The man's position was unquestionably endorsed by his family. Due to his instructional success, Baller gained acceptance to and eventually became a part of Beverly High School, which subsequently went on to become a part of University of California.

With a higher amount of effort put into securing his educational CV, Ben was required to attend San Francisco State University, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinematography degree. Ben was a highly decent player in both football and basketball throughout his training days. Extracurricular activities attracted the man's attention more than only for academic purposes.


Ben was continually different from the way things used to be in the olden days, and his professional methods were also different from the way things used to be. In his earlier days, he was able to persuade Denzel Washington to allow him to DJ at Denzel Washington's cafe.

To be more specific, the opportunity offered itself to him in 1993, and his life was forever transformed. Ben demonstrated his abilities as a DJ at the cafe, and Dr. Dre was impressed enough to hire him.

Perusers are unlikely to be aware of his previous work as a producer for Dr. Dre's Priority Records and later at Aftermath Entertainment, yet he has done so. While Ben's tenure was in progress, he was responsible for more than 20 platinum collections.

Baller has made significant contributions to music albums and, more recently, short films over his brief diversionary career. Hotshot has played a key role in the BTS video, namely in the song Waste It On Me.

Ben finally realized what he was meant to do after moving around the hedge and realised it was in the sphere of entrepreneurship. Following the completion of the zeal for fun, the VIP took on the role of jewels planner. They saw Whether and Co. in the year 2004 while working together in close proximity to his uncle and cousin.

It symbolises a significant amount of authority in the field of bespoke jewels, and it is quite popular with competitors, professionals, and others. A handful of the well-known individuals who have used his silver include Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Floyd Mayweather, Drake, Snoop Dogg, Tom Cruise, and a number of others.

Of his whole business, his most notable achievement is the creation of the famed precious stone-encrusted belt for Michael Jackson, which is considered his crowning achievement. Continuing his steady success, Baller has now branched out into the clothing manufacturing industry. Superism is the name of the clothing brand, while the VVS pen is the name of the cannabis pen that is sold. Ben is one of those opulent personalities who is never ashamed of his status as a hot shot.

Ben Baller Net Worth and Properties

Ben Baller is the owner of a house in Los Angeles. Ben Baller Net Worth is worth $6 million. In addition, he has a condominium with a market value of $3 million. There have been no records of his owning any further properties. He is, nevertheless, an avid automobile enthusiast, and he owns a number of high-end vehicles, including BMWs, Bentley Spurs, Ferrari Spyders, and Lexus.

Income Sources and net worth

He is a very successful entrepreneur and actor who generates a substantial amount of money mostly from his work as a jeweller. Ben Baller is married, with two children. Among his clientele are well-known celebrities such as Kanye West and Snoop Dogg. His jewellery company has brought him millions of dollars in profits.

Furthermore, he is also a music producer who earns a living from his efforts. He has also appeared in a number of films, which has contributed to his financial success. He is also a successful businessman who owns a number of businesses. His business, 'Ben Baller Did the Chain,' earns a substantial amount of revenue.

In addition, he holds a 51 percent share in the well-known corporation If And Company. He also had a reality programme, for which he received a Webby Award, and a podcast. All of them are sources of revenue for him.

What kind of a living would the adornments architect, performer, or artist expect to make? As a matter of fact, the stakes are far larger than most people would anticipate. Baller will have a total asset base of $100 million by 2022, when the company is slated to go public.

The adaptability of this man's vocation is responsible for everything he has accomplished. Beyond bringing in a large sum of money, he leads an exceptionally prosperous life. The American big name gathers the shoes and expresses interest in participating.

Aside from that, he is also an expert in the field of transportation. Chevrolet Impala from the 1964 model year; BMW; Rolls Royce Ghost; Mercedes S Class; Bentley Spur; Ferrari Spyder; and a few others are among his collection of automobiles. Despite the fact that the entire assets are disclosed, the yearly compensation is concealed, despite the fact that it is far more. Ben, unmistakably, continues to live a pampered living with his friends and family members.


He is a multi-talented guy with expertise in several different fields. He also has an excellent business sense that had resulted him in massively capitalizing on his skills. Combining his business, with his creative skills his net worth and total assets is expected to moonshot in the upcoming years.